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January 2019
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 Real Life SHTD situation

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PostSubject: Real Life SHTD situation   Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:57 pm

Brothers and sisters, I am on the only computer at work that is working and luclky it connected to the net.



For the benefit of the forum, when things return to somewhat normal I will debrief everyone as to all of the lessons learned.

As for now this is what happened. We got hit in 4 waves. The first wave spawned a tornado that missed my place by 128 yards, it went behind my mailbox.(thats how I know the distance) It picked my place up and slammed it back down and woke me up moments before it hit. First time I ever did the belly flop without a pool. There was nearly a mile long roadblock between me and the nearest road, the other way was longer and just a jammed up. The 3rd wave spawned an EF3 tornado that wound up being deadly.

After each wave I fixed what I could and waited on the next wave, this saved my butt. My neighbors didn't fare as well. Luckily our preps were in place and that allowed us to be ahead of the game. Things for construction like wood, nails, hammers and a handsaw. I never thought they would be handy but I'm glad I had them.

I have been told that power might be restored in 4 days - 2 weeks, maybe longer. Water is still on but without power the pumps aren't working and the tanks are draining fast. Cell phone is the only comms out and it is spotty at best. Text works more than voice but it really depends on the cell tower. No power means no charging, inverters work wonders here.

We are good on most things and I was suprised at how my kids are jumping in and contributing and not arguing. My son fixed one roof and I fixed the other. Everybody helped take the trampoline down from the power line. Then I sat outside and shot video of the tornado that developed, I was nearly blown off the deck before i gave up and went for shelter, stupid I know but it had to be done.

While my immediate family is doing well, there were several who are not. My uncle's house is missing so if you find it, he wants it back! The roof off of my brother in laws out-building was found in a field behind his house. His house is toast, but he is hopeful that he can save it. Not happening but I'm not going to crush his positive outlook. We have had 8 confirmed deaths within 2 miles of my place and god only knows where the missing are at.

A curfew is in effect, dusk till dawn. National Guard, all 2 of them, is on the scene restricting access to the worst of the area where the missing are. Both of those happened late on the 28th, 48 hours into the ordeal. The first shelter in my area just opened up. It was set up by community members and was quickly overwhelmed. They are still functioning, and doing an outstanding job considering! We have armed loiters in some places and looting is becoming rampant, even the sheriff's house was looted! Well not his house but the pile of ruble that was his house.

With all of the preps that we had in place, this one incident showed major huge gapping holes that will have to be plugged. They made a huge difference in both our ability to weather the storms and creature comforts. I'm taking notes and writing it down.

I will leave you now with this one learned lesson. When making preps, redunancy is key and think small. Yes small!! I can handle any big thing that comes my way, but can't tell you what time it is. No frigging clock in my house works, still have not found my watch either. And since I turn my cell off except when I am going to use it, I have no way of knowing what time it is. I still have to report for work!! missed the last day, was late yesterday. Bought a wind up clock today. One more hole plugged.
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PostSubject: Re: Real Life SHTD situation   Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:58 pm

Hello my brothers and sisters!

I am back for a little bit any way. I am still on the work computer so it is dependant on my call volume. As most of you know, I am a police officer so I am catching on both ends but I will continue to update from both ends.

The area that I live in.

Partial power has been restored to a few business, the ones not on generators. The gas station, note not plural, had lines backed up the road for at least 1/2 mile on both sides. They soon ran out of fuel and tempers flared, 1 law enforcement officer was called in to calm things down. Death toll pushing 50 still 20-30 missing. Curfew in effect from dusk till dawn with national guard on scene securing the destroyed areas. They aren't forcing in the non-effective area but don't go the effected area after dark. If you do, you better have proof you live there, or it isn't pretty.

A second "shelter" has opened, actually it is a church. The only outside agency that has come to our area is the Salvation Army, they brought a stocked mobile kitchen and are cooking. That lady can cook too, oh my good can she cook.

No insurance adjusters have made it to my road, no power company, no phone company, nobody has come out.

The preps are holding and letting us "live" better than most. We were able to aquire a generator and I have enough fuel stored to run it for a few more days. Fuel is scarce and if you find it you have a long wait. Since we are the only ones on the road with one we have had to maintain guard on it and it is not ran after sunset. It is allowing us to charge cell phones, and the laptop so the kids can watch movies at night. The freezers are freezing again and today I had ice in my water. God that was so good. My boy made sun tea to have with supper tonight. His ideal, so I know he is thinking outside the box. Both kids are chipping in and doing far more than I ever expected them to do. Our family meets every night for a briefing and assign duties, the kids have some good ideals that they express. Some we act on, others we don't but everyone listens and gives input.

Our road has pulled together and neighbors are helping neighbors. Which is how I cut my thigh today with the chainsaw. A 2-3 inch limb had more tension that I anticipated and kicked the saw back on me. I was lucky, it went through the skin but not into the meat. I was able to take care of the injury on scene with the IFAK that I had in the truck. I was pissed, ruined a good set of fatigues, damn it. I liked those fatigues too, they were my favorite.

When I got home from the tree cutting session, I used the large family first aid kit to clean the wound and used the surgical kit to pick out all the debris that was in it. It should heal just fine, just never thought the EMT training would be used on myself. Oh yeah, the kids found a watch that was working so I know what time it is .

Were I work.
So far I am at 36 hours of overtime here at work with another 12 hours shift to shift to go. Between work and home I am tired and getting very little sleep. Curfew is still in effect and looters are being arrested. We are up to 4. One business owner shot a looter dead in another county.

People are starting to crack, one person has been shot in an arguement we have had to calm several others down. FEMA is expected to arrive tomorrow, big shock there. But the power company had 300 trucks operatering and got power up to most of the county. So now we have to worry about live wires on the ground.

We have no less than 5 different agiencies working non-stop trying to keep basic services going, but the stress is getting to us any way.
Our unofficial death toll is 32 and 50 missing. Shelters are running non-stop. 1 military person is on scene, he was on medical leave and took it on himself to pitch in.

Lessons learned today.
Never set the generator with the exhaust facing a widow.
Always put the lid back on whatever you took it off of.
Water taste better when you have no option. Flavor packs are a must.
Cold showers and field baths suck but are managable.

Will report back later.
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Real Life SHTD situation
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