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March 2019
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 Texas Militia Training & Camp Out Sept. 24th

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Texas Resistance

PostSubject: Texas Militia Training & Camp Out Sept. 24th    Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:55 pm

Texas Militia Training & Camp Out Sept. 24th

The Texas Militia is having a by invitation only training exercise on private land East of Cleveland, TX for rifle owning patriotic USA Citizens who are willing to uphold and defend the US Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

The militia is the last line of defense against tyranny and foreign invasion. Our Texas Militia Training Exercise will be focused on small unit light infantry tactics. You don’t win fighting an invading enemy toe to toe on their terms. You win with hit and run guerrilla warfare tactics.

We will have rifle and pistol target practice with live rounds and we will have force on force combat simulations with blank ammunition.

Our militia training is free of charge and it will start at 8 am Saturday, September 24th. Most of our training will be on Saturday. We will have a night op Saturday night and we will have a good time camping out Saturday night to continue training Sunday morning but you can go back home Saturday evening or Saturday night any time you need to.

We are not meeting just to sit around and talk. Our militia field training requires that men be capable of physical exertion such as patrolling with a rifle, web gear, and at least 4 to 6 loaded spare magazines.

We encourage everyone to form at least a 3 man fire team in their neighborhood or area. If our freedom is attacked it won't matter how good any one fire team is if there are not enough fire teams. We need as many fire teams as we can get throughout Texas to keep any invaders or enemies of freedom bogged down on ten thousand simultaneous fronts to ensure our victory. We all need to be combat trained force multipliers ready to train new recruits.

Training with us you can learn how to fight as a team and you can learn how to train a local defense group to fight as a team. If a group of 12 well armed hunters with no combat infantry or militia combat training experience fought against an equally equipped 12 man invading foreign military long range reconnaissance patrol, the group of hunters would be wiped out 9 times out of 10 because the hunters would not know the art of fire and maneuver and the hunters would not know how to coordinate their efforts to fight as a team.

If you want a fire team listing with your e-mail address posted on our www.TexasMilitia.Info website you can get one by demonstrating your leadership ability by attending one of our militia training exercises with at least 2 men that are on your fire team or by having a militia training exercise on private land that one of us witnesses. Several of the fire teams listed on our website are much larger than just the 3 man fire team minimum and are actually at the squad, platoon, or greater strength but for reasons of operational security we do not list their size.

At our training exercise you won’t need to shoot a lot of live rounds but so you can get used to the weight, be sure your gear is set up correctly, and see that all your gear will work together; if you can when you arrive please have your battle load ready to go with at least 6 loaded 30 round magazines if your rifle is a .223, at least 4 loaded 30 round magazines if your rifle is a 7.62x39, or at least 4 loaded 20 round magazines if your rifle is a .308. Plus you will need one loaded magazine in your rifle but do not chamber a round and you must keep the safety on. Your loaded magazines need to be in magazine pouches in your load bearing vest or web gear. If you need information about how to set up a load bearing vest or web gear see: You will also need to bring one unload magazine for when we switch to using blanks. Blanks must be loaded in front of a witness when we switch to blanks for combat simulations.

We will practice ambushes, counter-ambushes, and patrolling. We will have training ops both daytime and nighttime. We will also have class room type training so bring a note book and a pencil too.

After each force on force combat simulation using blank ammunition we will have a debriefing to go over what we have learned from each combat simulation. Because our goal is to learn it doesn’t matter which side wins each battle. The true winners are those who have learned something. We should have enough .223, .308, and 7.62x39 blanks on hand for all participants but bring your own blanks if you have some or do an internet search and order some blanks if you can since we could run out of them. Bring a blank adapter for your rifle or you can work the bolt after each shot if you don’t have a blank adapter. We will have strict safety rules that must be followed for using the blank ammunition in combat simulations.

No news media or journalists of any kind will be allowed. No alcohol, drugs, or illegal weapons will be allowed.

Bring your rifle, handgun, ammo, paper targets, a full combat load, web gear, camelbak or canteen, camping gear, folding or camp chair, entrenching tool/folding shovel, what you want to eat, a camping burner or a camping stove if you want hot food, and drinking water. Wear camo BDUs if you have them (or wear hunting camo if you don't have BDUs), wear lace up jungle boots, combat boots, or hunting boots. Bring a flash light and bring a Coleman lantern if you already have one. Bring a poncho, and a tent in case of rain. If you don't have it all, bring what you can and collect what you don't have over time. For recommended militia gear see:

Everyone needs to bring at least one large trash bag and help keep all trash picked up. Everyone must carry out their own trash bag when they leave. We must not leave any mess or trash for the land owner/host and we must not throw cigarette butts or any toilet paper on the ground. There is no rest room at the training area but we will dig a latrine. Bring your own toilet paper.

To get an invitation, maps, and directions to our militia training exercise send an e-mail to telling us a little about yourself if you haven't already (such as any previous militia, military, or law enforcement experience and what city in Texas you live in or nearest to), and we can send you maps and directions to the training exercise. You can bring your friends too but please be sure they have read this announcement. Even if you have trained with us before please e-mail us and let us know you will be attending so we will know how many participants to plan for.

Feel free to forward this announcement to your e-mail contacts who might be interested.

For more information about the Texas Militia see: www.TexasMilitia.Info
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Texas Militia Training & Camp Out Sept. 24th
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