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July 2018
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 The Organizational Weapon

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PostSubject: The Organizational Weapon   Sat May 12, 2012 3:32 pm

Years ago I was introduced to the communist Organizational Weapon at the Special Warfare School and I immediately recognized that it was a key concept in the war of tyranny against so-called democracy. I continued my study of the Organizational Weapon in Psychological Warfare School and in my graduate Psychology courses; and I read and re-read every seminal source doctrine.

When I tried to talk about the concept to educated non-communists, they looked at me as if I was speaking Klingon, which ironically they had learned, instead of Russian. I continued to study the Organizational Weapon and Entryism throughout the traitor Clinton's communist regime and I observed the organization weapon being used by the communists to take over literally everything from the Republican Party to the AARP and people still would not believe me.

Just before the media hero, obama, ascended to control of America, I was sitting in a "Greening of America" meeting as the Marxist chairman bragged about their organizational HQ paying several thousand dollars a night for Desmond Tutu to stay in New York's most opulent Hotel. She described the parties where the women "swooned" at his"intellect" in a rapturous voice.

Then I stood up as she looked at me suspiciously. I said: "I have some questions for you. Why invite Desmond Tutu to speak? He is not known as a person who respects the environment. In fact he once advocated the digging up of tree and plant roots for fire fuel, yet nothing will grow where that happens. Desmond Tutu is known as an expert of communist revolution and the creation of deserts. "

She replied shrilly: " Our board believed that it would enhance our status for him to be there." So, I said, "you agree with his politics and that he is not a defender of anything green?" "That's none of your business", she replied. "Our board makes its own decisions."
"You use our $250 a years to entertain corpulent communists?" I queried. "Haven't you heard?" she asked. "The word 'communist' is politically incorrect." T

hen I accused them of being a communist stooge organization utilizing their own nomenklatura to spend membership fees, not for promoting the greening of America, but for the promotion of communist values.

I realized that her group too had been subverted by the organization weapon as I asked the audience to accompany me in a walk out. Only about 45 % of the audience followed me. Nothing was ever done about the Green organization's real agenda. This is America, the land of the pre-serf and the coward.

What is more important is the fact that Americans are the most unorganized and incompetent organizers in the world. That is why the communists have taken over and it is why Obama will be re-elected.

Every would-be survival leader must learn how to employ the organizational weapon or his group will be infiltrated and subverted just like this nation has been subverted. As of now, most survival ("prepper") groups on the internet are controlled by reds or fellow travelers.

I was thrown off the last survival forum on which I I presented some of my own ideas, as a "plagiarizer." Which I am not.

Yet I was told to post material in order to gain access to info. They left off the unspoken admonition to post politically correct info.
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The Organizational Weapon
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