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April 2019
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 Desert Rat....THE FNG!

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Desert Rat
Desert Rat

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PostSubject: Desert Rat....THE FNG!   Desert Rat....THE FNG! EmptyFri Feb 22, 2013 2:20 pm

Hey everybody. I'm new to the whole militia thing, fairly new to the survival thing, I have a limited experience in the military, but still I took an oath, and meant it when I said it. is what it is. I'll be around and available if needed. Not too interested in joining up with a group, I did that, and while they were a great bunch of guys on the forums, I decided it just wasn't the place for me. So...I opted out before I was really in,They have a different ideaology than me right now, and that may change I don't know. We'll see what the future brings. Right now, I am here with the watchmen, and I'm happy to be here. I am by no means a radical, or an extremist. I believe in prepping as best you can and then letting god handle the rest. It's really all you can do. I do believe that one day, (hopefully not in my lifetime), it will be necassary to make a more aggressive stand. Until I see that day, all of the "GET READY! IT'S COMING!" and the "THE SHIT JUST GOT REAL!" think it's wishful thinking or a desire to get into trouble more than anything else. I have come to the conclusion that whether it be 'Main Stream News Media' or even 'Alternative News Media" you just really can't seem to trust any of them to tell you straight. After watching Piers Morgan and Alex Jones' little segment on gun control, I really feel like it's all WWE! It's all make believe. One side is trying to make us believe they are after one thing, the other side is trying to make us believe they are fighting for us, and in the middle behind those two groups are the guys really screwing us!

I seem to see a lot of state groups, and they are all about flying there state flag, and protecting their state constitution. Which is commendable and honorable, but at the end of the day, without the U.S. Constitution there isn't a state constitution that means a damn in my mind. I was born and raised in Arizona, and I am now in the state of Arkansas, where I have a fairly decent job. It ain't great but the bills get paid. For the first time in my life in Arizona I wasn't able to find a job in 10 minutes, and that went on for 2 years of no work. Got terminated from a job there so the bosses could hire some more cheap labor, (illegal immigrants), and decided to move out here with my family where I found a job in about a week. WHich was absolutely excellent. I am very familiar with the problems that Arizona has, and has had with illegal immigration. In my mind though, a man is a man no matter where he comes from and if you want to hire him because he's better qualified then me, awesome! Pay him accordingly however. Our states, our nation, and our country is in a downward spiral and everyday I wake up and see something new that just yesterday was right, and now they tell me it's wrong, or things that were wrong that now people try to tell me is right.

I guess that's about it for me on how I feel about things, and a general overview of who I am. I am a certified welder, a class A CDL holder, and capable of driving anything that has two wheels or more on the highway. I have painted houses professionally, drilled water wells, ran electrical lines through houses, done all sorts of stuff. At the end of the day I was raised with one over riding philosophy that guides my life, "GOD...FAMILY...and then if you feel the need and desire..COUNTRY. PEriod. In that order. If you have any questions ask...I may or may not answer. Depends on the question. Smile Thanks for having me.
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Desert Rat....THE FNG!
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