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March 2019
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 Have the militias got lost?

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PostSubject: Have the militias got lost?   Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:17 pm

Have the militias got lost?

In view of the current debacle going on down in Arizona, and the national muster that occurred since the first alert went out, I am still a little surprised about what I see out there in the militia world.

For example, I point to the many militia web pages that openly state “we are here to assist the government during times of crisis”, or something along those lines. You know what I am referring to.

Am I reading this right? That constitutional militias will be helping the opposition during a national crisis?

Exactly what kind of “assistance” does that entail?
Gun grabs, forced evacuations, martial law security, what?

I was my understanding that militias would stand with the tenets of the United States Constitution; to protect their families, their neighbors, their communities, and the civil liberties that we hold so dear and close to our hearts --not to perform ancillary para-military duties at the behest of the opposition forces.

Did I miss something in the translation here?

Isn’t that what private federal contractors such as Wackenhut, Blackwater, and KBR do? They sell out their services to the highest bidder, and get involved in Katrina (type) operations.

So where does the militia stand on this issue?

Having said that, I also understand where statements such at this comes from, and where the mindset has evolved from. It comes from wanting to do the right thing in their communities, and wanting to be held up as the shining example of a civilian organization that is not anti-government.

But let’s face facts here people….

The opposition IS NOT YOUR FRIEND-and no matter how polite that you try to be, no matter what you publish on your webpage, the fact remains that your are THEIR OPPOSITION.

I reference this with one single undeniable fact; name any militia unit that has EVER been called on, to perform ancillary services for the opposition? Just one time where they contacted a militia group and said “hey guy, we could use your help, would ya’ mind?”--and I will retract this article and apologize for upsetting the delicate balance of your world.

But let’s continue a little further here, now that I have your attention…

Knowing the massive number of militia units in operation out there across America, and the even larger number that aren’t very public and choose to remain under the radar, I wondered what would happen if suddenly they all became public, and loud, and stood shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the patriot community.

The opposition would suddenly get very, very worried…

Imagine for a moment if every state militia unit, and every smaller militia unit in just one single state--joined forces, united under one common banner, established a communications and command structure, and then had a public picnic for everyone at the nearest state park. Just a family picnic replete with hot dogs, burgers, and kids running amok in the playground. But, everyone is decked out in a red-white-blue T-Shirt that says “Proud American Militia”.

Now let’s extrapolate this further, and instead of one state, it’s every state in the country, on fourth of July, and there is a press release sent out three days prior. What kind of message would that send to the people of america, and those that have painted all militia with their broad brush of prejudiced bias.

Consider the tea Party movement—and you will see this in action. The opposition is afraid, very afraid. Because they know that their time is being marked on a calendar. It’s only a matter of time before they are out of a job. That my friends is power. The kind of power that they are working hard at eradicating from the pages of america.
Another point that needs clarification goes right along with both of the two other issues that I have touched upon. The last is more sinister, yet something that every patriot, and every militia unit should at some time give some thought to.

Firstly—militia units are not here to start a war—we end it. Period. End of story!

Second—those militia units that remain under the radar , though I understand exactly why they remain anonymous—are really helping the opposition to dismantle the entire movement.

Yes I am aware that I just made a very broad and very loud statement, but allow me to continue along this line, and I’m sure that you will reach the same conclusions that I have.

My thought is that the more people that actually join a militia group, and the more people that become involved in the patriot community—the better for all of us. Our numbers and ranks swell, people with a variety of experiences and skills that are beneficial to everyone, suddenly swell the ranks.

The opposition will see this rapid explosion of patriots from sea to shining sea. It’s not something that they are looking forward to, but something that is inevitable, given the current mood of america.

The problem, and I fully believe it was designed to be a problem, is that militia units are scattered, out of touch, and don’t trust anyone outside of their own people. They have adopted the mindset that it’s better to remain under the radar, and it somehow gives them a sense of security. But, I submit that it is a false sense of security, simply because the opposition works very hard in locating, identifying, and cataloging every one that is active inside of the patriot community. That goes without reason, and anyone that doesn’t believe that, is just in denial.

Hence, cute little statements such as what I started this article out with, and the omnipresent fear that is shows to the opposition.

If you are so afraid of the repercussion of being a militia member, that you have to wear a mask, hide behind shadows, and pretend that you will be alright—then I suggest that when SHTF, you’d better sit this one out, because you have already lost!

Yeah-I said that, and I really do mean it too.

I have watched this movement surge in the 1980’s to the point that militias and survivalists were plastered all over magazines and television. But, they depicted them as a militia of the people, and not like what we are seeing today. Survival Times, Soldier of Fortune, and a few other magazines jumped onto that bandwagon—and it grew these units in an explosion of unprecedented and undeniable patriotism.

You know what—
Nobody was wearing a mask…
They published posters and business cards with their unit logo, name, and telephone numbers…

Recruitment posters hung in gun shops, rifle ranges, and a variety of places…

Militia units marched in their hometown parades…

And nobody was afraid to stand up for what they believed in, what they embraced, and the things that pulled them into the movement in the first place.

THAT my friends scared the hell out of the elites out there, simply because they knew their time was at hand. They saw the handwriting on the wall that spelled their own doom—and they had to take drastic steps to prevent Americans from yanking off their totalitarian yoke and leash.

They devised and implemented a devious scheme to demonize the militias, and they started with a large group out in Idaho ran by a woman Sister Claire. This particular group was the largest and most influential at the times. Their retreat was 160 acres of rolling woods. Underground living quarters, world band communications center, and a huge food, fuel, and arsenal were their trademark.

Sister Claire sent out teams of her most trusted people to purchase weapons, ammo, fuel, and essential supplies. They dropped millions here and there.
Suddenly, the same news stations and journalist that formerly had heaped their praises on this group-turned the tables and published derogatory snippets here and there. Even the county sheriff was fully behind the group, and when the press began the systematic demonization of the group, he had no choice but to pull his support as well, just to keep his job. And that my friends is where it started.

Week after week the news reports and major magazines, (coincidentally all owned by the same corporation) showed militias and survivalist as living on the fringe of society—hinting that they were a delusional and paranoid crowd that could “possibly” stage terrorist attacks against other americans.

Now thirty years later we are witness to how it began, and where it finally leads.

We have come to accept that true patriots should hide from the opposition. We have come to accept that masks protect our identities and make us safe. We have come to accept that its’ better to remain anonymous instead of standing up for what we believe in, and what we know is the right course of action to take.

We have given up on public displays of resolve and anger—opting instead to threaten the opposition with bodily harm.

But you know what—it doesn’t work. It’s a joke. It makes us ALL look like cowards and fools. The opposition has succeeded in scaring everyone to death for being American. They have cowered the very essence of what took this nation from a British colony, and made it into what we are today. They have already won…

But--July 13th at 02:45Hrs all of that changed!

For the first time since 1775, patriots and militia units came together for one single cause. They came together in a collective rally for the Arizona Militia on our southern borders. They rallied support, donations, supplies, and volunteers unheard of since those bygone days.

And THAT worries the opposition to death. I’m sure that they are already devising strategies to deal with the newfound unity that has brought all of us together, and once again they are forced to put a check mark on their calendars.

It is now, right NOW that we must continue to come together as we have. It is right now that we must not allow petty squabbling to disenfranchise us as before. It is NOW that we need to look across the horizon at our brothers in arms that we have never taken the time to meet and greet, for if we allow this opportunity to slip by—the militia movement will once again slip into the shadows, and force all of us to don the masked terrorist attire of anonymity.

It’s time to take off the masks my friends.

We cannot allow this opportunity to wither away to the same old grind of before.

Watchmen of America, Patriot Resistance, and The Sentinel program have established deep seated associations with Well Regulated American Militias, SHTF Militias, LibertyForce, as well as many other groups out there. Strategic associations that brings our collective memberships well past 16,000 patriot members.
Get involved, become proactive-there is a pace for you in this growing movement. Now more than ever, we ALL need YOUR help in order to continue the forward momentum.
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PostSubject: Re: Have the militias got lost?   Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:57 pm

Well frickin said Franke!

I will never hide from the same rights I am protecting as MILITIA !
it really pizzes me off when I see Militia and Patriots going underground
or hiding out afraid to say something from fear of getting into trouble!

the way I sse it is, if the government dont like me using my constitutional
rights then they are not constitutional and are an enemy of the state (people)
and the constitution of the united states!

I agree, we have to unite, we must and soon!

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PostSubject: Re: Have the militias got lost?   Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:07 pm

Very well put Franke and to the point. I would like to add if you are afraid of this out of control goverment and worry what they are going to do to you, then keep hiding your face and keep making your stupid videos about what you're going to do. As for me I don't cover my face or block it out. What the Watchmen of Indiana do is NOT I repeat Not illegal so I see no need to hide. I could quote federal and state statues about the Militia but all should already know them.
The problem I see is, people are afraid of the goverment and what they might do to the Militia members and their families. Since we are protected under the Constitution, as long as we abide by the law the goverment can't do any thing.
The problem arises when a rogue group steps outside the boundries and gets stupid, ie. kill cops and goverment officals. The real Milita is not interested in that. Our mission in my opinion is to defend and uphold the Constitution and America from all ememies foreign and domestic. We have every right to up hold those beliefs.
We are not a group that wants to over throw the goverment nor start a new one we are a group who wants our goverment to uphold the oath they took. We are the line in the sand that won't be crossed. We are the ones (heaven forbid) if the flag ever comes down we will raise it again, and insure it never hits the ground.
I believe a county and men (women included) that fear their goverment are subjects of the goverment and nor free. When we have a goverment that fears the people we have freedom. (I know that's not original but it still holds true).
In short if we don't orginize, don't prepare sit on our ass and let the other guy do it we too are doomed to a lost free nation, and will eventually become wards of the state.
Just my 2cts worth.

Semper Fi
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PostSubject: Re: Have the militias got lost?   Tue Aug 03, 2010 4:07 pm

I am not argueing your thinking for starters, and this has been a hot button topic within my group as well, but let my explain our circumstance and get your opinions on the matter. We feel we are heading for an inevitable SHTF situation but quick. The group members are from our small town of under 500. Most were born and raised here. We have a retreat plan and food stores for each member (one year). We are afraid that by going public, the 470 unprepared members of the community, the majority of whom we have known our whole lives, will assume we can take care of them. I cant imagine turning away a life long friend who is on the brink of starvation. The secondary reason was incase of a false flag attack that is pinned on the militia. We feel this would lead to mass witchhunts, and for certain groups, the battle would be over before it began. I personally as an individual, am proud to be involved in what we are but the group has spoken. Your thoughts?
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PostSubject: 2 cents   Sun Aug 08, 2010 9:07 am

I have heard a number of different things in our meetings regarding this topic.

1. We should be an autonomous Militia, leaderless. What ever that would be, and how it would be, I don't know.

2. A group that is in the public eye doing this and that in the community to improve the PR of the militia, and to let the community know we are not some freaky looking extremist holed up in/on a compound somewhere. When in fact we are your neighbors and coworkers and family. We are within the law and should not hide.

3. We should remain quiet, silent and make our preparations in that manner. Not to raise suspicions and attention to the group for various reasons. When we do training or instructions, if anyone asks us what group we are with or who we are, our answer should only be we are a group of friends, and not to give our name out. Even though we realize we are a valid legal group, we can still be the subject of negative attention from the LEO community or media.

Although I am a watchmen, I am also affiliated with a group that just formed here where I live. We are having this discussion right now and it is split down the middle with only 1 guy pushing the "Autonomous" thing. I do understand each, (except the autonomous)
point of view, and each has good and bad. But, like everything else, make a decision and stick to it.

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PostSubject: Re: Have the militias got lost?   Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:54 pm

my state has not launched the watchmen program yet but it will soon hopefully. my question is if a state watchmen group comes under assault by the powers that be is there an understanding within the watchmen that the rest will come to their aid? im new here and if this is an inappropriate question for the public forum i apologize and will seek my answer in private.
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PostSubject: Re: Have the militias got lost?   Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:57 pm

CV71 wrote:
my state has not launched the watchmen program yet but it will soon hopefully. my question is if a state watchmen group comes under assault by the powers that be is there an understanding within the watchmen that the rest will come to their aid? im new here and if this is an inappropriate question for the public forum i apologize and will seek my answer in private.

That is the premise behind watchmen groups....
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PostSubject: Re: Have the militias got lost?   

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Have the militias got lost?
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